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Application notes

“External Applications”: adding functionalities to the CLC Genomics Server
A Sample to Insight® NGS solution for myeloid neoplasms: Redefined amplicon sequencing for low variant detection and interpretation
CLC Server Command Line Tools: a powerful choice to optimize your analyses
Comparative Analysis of Endophytic Bacterial Microbiomes in Grapevine
Comparative Analysis of Three Bovine Genomes
Example queries for HGMD MySQL Database
Improving Microbiome Sequencing using QIAseq® 16S/ITS Panels
QIAseq Targeted Panel Analysis
Whole Exome Sequencing Benchmark
Whole Genome Functional Annotation of Solanum lycopersicum

White papers

A comprehensive analysis of coregulator recruitment, androgen receptor function and gene expression in prostate cancer
Analyzing whole human genomes for as little as $22
Challenges in clinical testing
Characterizing the microbiome through targeted sequencing of bacterial 16S rRNA and fungal ITS regions
Chip-seq analysis
CLC read mapper
Copy number variant detection
De novo assembly
Discovering the functional potential of microbial communities through whole metagenome shotgun sequencing analysis
Dynamics in the airway microbiome in children with cystic fibrosis as revealed by 16S rRNA gene sequencing
Phenotype-driven ranking filter
TET2 binds the androgen receptor and loss is associated with prostate cancer
Transcription factor ChIP-seq
Understanding breast cancer subtypes by jointly interpreting tumor genomes and transcriptomes