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Licensing options for CLC products

For our CLC product line, we offer both static licenses and network licenses, providing a unique, flexible license setup which enables our to choose the license model that fits your exact needs. Just like the CLC Workbenches, the licenses are platform-independent and can be used on almost any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer.

Our solutions can be licensed on three different levels – as single-machine license, as a department license, or as a site license.

Single-machine licenses

The static license is locked to one computer, meaning that it can only be used on this particular computer. If there are multiple user accounts on the computer, they will all be able to use the CLC software on the same license.

1.3 A static license to the software product allows the software product to be used locally on one specific computer system. When using a static license only a single instance of the software product can be running at any given time.

Network licenses

Unlike the static license, a network license can be used by more than one computer. However, it cannot be used by more than one computer at the same time.

How does a network license work?
The CLC License Server software hosts network licenses for CLC applications. These licenses can then be checked out from any client computer on your network with access to the license server. When the application is stopped, the license will be returned to the server and become available for checkout by another user.

If you purchase e.g. 15 network licenses, 15 people can use the CLC Workbench at the same time. More people can have the CLC Workbench installed, but no more than 15 people can use it simultaneously.

Benefits of using network licenses
The main reason for using network licenses is the easy administration and monitoring of the licenses. Once you have installed CLC License Server, it’s very simple to install the CLC Workbenches on the client computers. All license administration is done via the CLC License Server software.

The status of the network licenses, including how many licenses are available and how many are in use, can be monitored using tools supplied with the CLC License Server software.

CLC License Server can be set up to only allow certain computers to get a license, either based on the host name, user name, or IP address (for individual computers or a subnet). This is useful if the licenses should be available to, for example, only one lab.

Network licenses can be used when analysis software will be run on machines with more than 64 cores.

Not connected to the local network?

There are still several ways to be able to use the CLC Workbench with a network license:

  • The user can borrow a license from the server for a fixed period of time. While the license is borrowed it cannot be used by others.
  • On buying our license server solution, your organization can choose a combination of licenses. If certain users often need to use the CLC Workbench while not at the office, they can be equipped with a static license instead.
  • If there is access to the local network through a VPN connection, the license server can be accessed remotely.

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