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Like any new technology, RNA sequencing faces a variety of challenges specifically in bioinformatics, including the development of efficient methods to process large amounts of data. These challenges must be overcome to maintain data integrity, quality, driving confidence in biological interpretation.

Key challenges:

  • Meaningful biological insights can be lost when dealing with so much data
  • No integrated tools for clear interpretation
  • No bioinformatics expertise or immediate access to bioinformaticians


Leverage our seamlessly integrated RNA sequencing solutions to accurately determine and understand the effect of genetic variation on gene expression and biological mechanisms.

Key benefits

  • Reduce time from experiment to report of new discoveries
  • Interpret genes and isoforms expression patterns
  • Eliminate the need to install and learn multiple unconnected tools


We are committed to enabling our customers to reach actionable insights quickly and reliably. Our RNA-seq solution helps you every step along this journey, from sample to insight.

The promise of RNA sequencingRNA sequencing enables researchers to discover promising therapeutics, identify new drug targets, determine effects of host genetics on disease outcomes, and detect novel biomarkers. It provides a high level of sensitivity and resolution, making it a valuable tool for investigating the transcriptional landscape including isoforms/splice variants, sequence variations, and non-coding regions such as microRNAs.

RNA-seq facilitates the discovery of alternative spliced transcripts, fusion genes, variants, and the analysis of changes in gene expression. It helps the identification of promising therapeutics, the understanding of the effects of host genetics on disease outcomes, and the discovery of novel biomarkers.

Scientists spend a considerable amount of time familiarizing themselves with open source tools. This can often lead to time spent problem-solving, requiring extra effort and IT knowledge. The pre-configured settings built into our solution, and the ability to alter parameters, make generating analysis results a simple and informative process, while providing unmatched performance for all your needs, whether as a single user with just a few samples, or as an enterprise with thousands.


How do you make sense of your data faster

Next-generation sequencing produces large amounts of complex raw data. It takes a significant amount of time to simply align this data to a reference sequence or assemble the right analysis pipeline with relevant statistics — just to be able to understand the biological context. Our integrated solutions can greatly help you streamline the analysis and interpretation by providing standard analysis pipelines directly connected to market-leading biological interpretation. In a few steps you can align, analyze, QC, normalize, determine differential expression, and identify the biology associated with significant differently expressed genes and isoforms from your RNA-seq experiment without being a bioinformatician.


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