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QCI Interpret reduces inefficiencies in clinical labs by leveraging the QIAGEN Knowledge Base, a unique information resource for genomic disease. Developed, curated, and maintained by QIAGEN, the Knowledge Base is a repository of aggregated, unified, and synthesized genomic information for human disease. It includes all major pub­licly available sources of relevant genomic data as well as a significant number of biological, clinical, and disease findings that have been curated directly by QIAGEN and are unique to the Knowledge Base.


All information sources, including the unique QIAGEN content, are consistently structured and quality-controlled according to defined vocabularies, ontologies, and schemas for cancer indications. By uniformly aggregating and consistently structuring this content, sophisticated bioinformatics algo­rithms can automatically compute evidence-based variant classifications according to any clinical reporting policy, including ACMG and NCCN guidelines. These rules efficiently prioritze the few actionable and high-risk variants (including co-occurring alterations) for reporting.

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