Advanced variant interpretation

A unique capability of QCI Interpret is the ability to recog­nize and interpret genetic factors that span multiple vari­ants. Unlike alternative approaches that interpret a patient’s genetic profile on a variant-by-variant basis, QCI Interpret assesses the genetic profile in its entirety, matching combina­tion variants that can influence the selection of an appropriate treatment or clinical trial. QIAGEN performs extensive validation of its rules and final reports with external testing laboratories to ensure concordance with standard clinical reporting poli­cies and evidence obtained by leading cancer centers.

The body of cancer-specific genomic information and clinical oncology evidence provided by QCI through the QIAGEN Knowledge Base allows physicians and oncologists to develop patient-specific recommendations supported by documented evidence and guidelines-based clinical reason­ing. This same evidence can also be used to inform reimbursement justification, increase patient accrual in clini­cal trials, and document compliance with clinical treatment pathways.

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