QCI™ for Oncology

You need confidence to beat cancer. But confidence by itself isn’t enough. It takes insight too. Being able to confidently interpret somatic and hereditary cancer variants and pair them with the right health options is critical for precision medicine to conquer cancer. QIAGEN® Clinical Insight (QCI™) gives you confidence plus insight.

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Clinical labs rolling out NGS-based tests are confronted with two key challenges: the complexity of turning molecular profiling information into precise medical recommendations, and the time and effort it takes to generate actionable reports. QIAGEN Clinical Insight provides a rich and detailed, yet very clear and concise, report that suggests management and treatment options based on the patient’s gene variations that profile their disease and outline causal links. It is this kind of interpretation that gives clinical value to the data, and what enables the actual insights into a patient’s specific disease and treatment options.

Madhuri Hegde, PhD, FACMG
Professor of Human Genetics at the Emory University School of Medicine
and Executive Director of the Emory Genetics Laboratory



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