It’s all about making bioinformatics user-friendly

Our software is made by biologists for biologists. We believe in the value of putting sophisticated analysis capabilities in the hands of those who have the expert knowledge to interpret the results.

We have found that user-friendliness is key for doing so. Using CLC Workbenches does not require prior expertise in bioinformatics, or know-how about software scripts or the command line. We make it easy for the biologists who designed the gene expression experiment to tweak the settings to better reflect the experimental design and then run the analysis again. With CLC Workbenches doing so is with a few clicks right at their fingertips. No need to schedule an appointment with the bioinformatics core.

Bioinformaticians win, too

By moving experimental design and routine analysis to biologists, the bioinformatics team can focus fully on other tasks, such as developing new analysis pipelines, which now can be easily integrated into CLC Workbenches, for instance as Workflows, or via the CLC Software Developer Kit.

Owners of the CLC Genomics Server software can integrate homemade algorithms via the External Application Integration feature and even implement CLC algorithms into their scripted pipelines via the CLC Server Command Line Tools.



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