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Analyzing RNA-seq data is no longer complicated. With our solutions you’ll get a lasting impression of how easy gene expression analysis can be.




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At QIAGEN we’re dedicated to guiding scientists from Sample to Insight with solutions that start with the processing of biological samples and end with the interpretation of RNA-Seq data.

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Would you prefer to own both the experimental design and the data analysis? We’re bringing sophisticated bioinformatics to the fingertips of the life scientists, making sure that critical information isn’t lost.

When data turns to insights

Are you getting the most out of your RNA-Seq data? How are you getting from FastQ files to differential gene expression data today? We provide you a smooth workflow from raw NGS data to gene expression, which you can use to generate biological insights.



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Try our trusted solution for RNA-Seq Analysis in a fully functional trial accompanied by a set of tutorials offering step by step instructions for the analysis of your data. Analyze your own data or the example data set provided within the tutorial.