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Set the standard for your downstream interpretation and
reporting with rapid and reliable variant detection from
QCI Analyze, sequencer-agnostic software for automating,
managing and standardizing your secondary analysis workflow.


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Confidently identify variants from your NGS tests.

Compatible with all major sequencing platforms, QCI Analyze efficiently converts FASTQ files to VCF files through preconfigured, comprehensive and scalable pipelines controlled by role-based permissions. The software uses powerful, globally recognized algorithms to pinpoint even the most difficult-to-detect variants and fusions.

Significantly reducing secondary analysis processing time from days to minutes, QCI Analyze enables higher test throughput without sacrificing precision or accuracy.

QCI Analyze offers “out-of-box” implementation or can be customized to your assay on any sequencing platform through QIAGEN Clinical Informatics Services.

Flexible and Scalable

  • Supports multiple DNA and RNA applications for somatic and germline tests
  • Connects with a variety of sequencing platforms (Illumina, QIAGEN, Ion Torrent, etc.)
  • Offers on-premise and hosted secondary NGS analysis solutions

Integrated and Standardized

  • Role-based configurations for routine variant assessment
  • Quality Control (QC) results in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, XML, etc.)
  • Downstream integration with QCI Interpret and QCI Precision Insights

Confident Variant Detection

  • Leverage globally recognized algorithms for rapid and reliable analysis
  • Detect multiple types of genomic abnormalities (SNVs, InDels, CNVs, TMB, MSI, etc.)
  • Ensure consistency and reproducibility with role-based permissions, rigorous QC,
    benchmarking and analysis, and ISO9001:2015 quality assurance

On-Demand Webinar: Standardizing NGS secondary analysis for assay development and routine clinical testing

As next-generation sequencing (NGS) continues to become faster and cheaper, commensurate speeds and costs are required for NGS secondary analysis—the critical step that maps and aligns the sequence reads to a reference genome and identifies the genomic locations exhibiting variations. However, NGS secondary analysis involves sequences of steps, each performed by a software tool, that vary by application and introduce workflow complexities. To improve NGS assay development and routine clinical testing, clinical labs need automated and standardized secondary analysis pipelines.

Join us for a demonstration of QCI Analyze and learn how this NGS secondary analysis solution can help your lab:

  • Rapidly and reliably detect variants with globally-recognized algorithms
  • Standardize secondary analysis workflows with pre-configured pipelines controlled by role-based permissions and traceability.
  • Support any NGS assay, panel to exome, germline to somatic, including estimation of TMB and MSI scores.
  • Deploy a full Sample to Insight workflow with the combination of QCI Analyze and QCI Interpret, the NGS tertiary analysis companion product.



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