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Ingenuity Variant Analysis (IVA™) now offers the ability to filter for CentoMD® variants and easily track your sample uploads!


We are pleased to announce that the Fall 2018 Release of IVA has arrived, and with greater functionality and improved data analysis export!

You can now:

Filter for CentoMD variants within the Predicted Deleterious filter!

Export variants with Sample IDs automatically included! IVA now includes the Sample IDs when you export the variants table.This feature is only available in the Export to Text option.


Easily track the available balance of sample uploads in your subscription!

You can now see the available balance of your subscription upload limit. This new notification will show you how many more samples you can upload to your IVA account based on your subscription license and end date.

Obtain email receipts for each sample

To confirm your 'purchase' of an uploaded sample(s), IVA now requires confirmation of sample upload. This gives you the option to review and confirm the sample you wish to upload. In addition, you can choose to receive an email 'receipt' of your sample upload. Should you have insufficient upload credits, your attempted samples upload will be rejected and you will be prompted to upload fewer samples.

Email notification of samples upload and validation. Starting with this release, IVA will send email confirmation of your sample upload and validation.  These emails will act as a record of your sample uploads purchase.

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