Latest improvements for Ingenuity Variant Analysis

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New features in the Spring 2017 Release

Improved Indel handling
Normalize indels in dbSNP to ensure that all short insertion/deletions are left-aligned, such that correctly formatted variants in user VCF data will be consistently annotated with the corresponding dbSNP record

Streamlined request to toggle pre-filtering
Add ability to dynamically handle and respond to customer requests for disabling pre-filtering for configuring analyses. Customers can initiate the request to Variant Analysis Support Team, who will work with product team members to turn off/turn on pre-filtering as a per-user setting for the duration that is required.

New beta feature – Set Variant Assessment via API
For high volume labs who want to set their own variant assessments using the QCI’s application programming interface (API). This feature allows for bulk upload/updates of QCI’s variant assessments via the API. This feature requires the API License.


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