What’s new in the Spring 2018 Release

Improved Data Export

With this new release, export or download of data from IVA will be performed offline. That is, rather than being able to download at the time of exporting, you will now receive an email with a link to download your exported file(s). This improved performance and allows the resuming of interrupted downloads.



When you export



You get the following pop-up rather than a dialog to save your downloaded file



Once you receive your email notification that your download is ready, you may click on the link to download. Note that you will only have 30 days to download the file before the link is inactive. Also the downloaded files will be compressed in gzip format. If you have problems uncompressing gzip formats, we recommend using the free utility 7-Zip


Improved Handling of Uploaded VCF files

In the past, uploaded VCF files would fail if the vcf file was missing FORMAT or GT values. This update improves processing of VCF files to allow files lacking FORMAT or GT to remain valid for downstream processing and analysis.


Addition of CentoMD data into the AFC

This release also features new CentoMD data added to the Allele Frequency Community (AFC). The CentoMD data set contains over 155,000 sequenced individuals who’s genotype will now be incorporated into the AFC for a more comprehensive view of population genetics.


Updated Allele Frequency Community Statistics

The Allele Frequency Community (AFC) contain summary statistics on alleles contributed from public, private, and QIAGEN community users. The statistics are now based on over 750,000 samples analyzed through the QIAGEN bioinformatics platform including over 38,000 whole genomes and over 358,000 exome samples.


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