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Ingenuity Pathway Analysis Fall 2018 Release

Release date: 2018-06-29

What’s New in the IPA Fall 2018 Release

Faster Opening of IPA Core Analysis

IPA Core Analysis now open much more quickly! Just double click the analysis icon as usual and the analysis will open into a ready-state much faster than in prior releases. Note: A change has been made in the information that is displayed in the molecules tab. The tab now lists all of the molecules in the original dataset and indicates (in bold in the Symbol column) those that are "analysis ready", meaning they passed filters and cut-offs and therefore submitted for analysis.

Content Updates

13 New Canonical Signaling Pathways

• Apelin Adipocyte Signaling Pathway • Apelin Cardiac Fibroblast Signaling Pathway • Apelin Cardiomyocyte Signaling Pathway • Apelin Endothelial Signaling Pathway • Apelin Liver Signaling Pathway • Apelin Muscle Signaling Pathway • Apelin Pancreas Signaling Pathway • Endocannabinoid Cancer Inhibition Pathway • Endocannabinoid Developing Neuron Pathway • NER Pathway • SPINK1 General Cancer Pathway • SPINK1 Pancreatic Cancer Pathway • Th17 Activation Pathway 

~80,000 new findings (Bringing the total to greater than 6.5 million findings!), including:

~33,000 new Expert findings ~31,000 new mutation-to-disease findings from ClinVar ~5000 new cancer mutation disease association findings from COSMIC ~8500 new ontology findings from GO ~1500 new disease-to-target findings from ~1700 new drug-to-disease findings from ~3800 new protein-protein interactions from the BioGRID database ~800 new protein-protein interactions from the IntAct database ~600 new mouse knockout-to-phenotype findings from MGD (JAX Labs) ~40 new toxicology findings from the Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB)

Noteworthy content additions:

• TargetScan (microRNA to mRNA predicted targeting) has been updated to Version 7.2. • More than 1000 new chemicals (mainly metabolites) have been added in this release. • Increased coverage of previously unannotated lncRNAs. • Additional curation for journal articles on SLE and T-cell exhaustion.

Analysis Match Updates

There are nearly 1,800 new Analysis Match datasets in this release (see below). Analysis Match enhances interpretation and drives discovery by placing your dataset in the context of thousands of IPA analyses that have been processed from public sources using Array Suite. Powered by IPA Advanced Analytics, Analysis Match automatically identifies the analyses of curated datasets that have significant similarities and differences, enabling you to compare results, validate interpretation and better understand causal connections between diseases, genes, and networks of upstream regulators.
Table 1: >49,000 datasets are available in IPA Analysis Match in this IPA release. *Redundant LIMMA and Voom-based datasets have been removed in the RatDisease repository. Now GLM and DeSeq2 are used exclusively for microarray and RNA-seq data respectively.

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