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Understand complex ‘omics data

With Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

Predict downstream effects and identify new targets or candidate biomarkers. Get insightful data analysis and interpretation to understand your experimental results within the context of biological systems.

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Quickly understand and visualize your data

IPA has broadly been adopted by the life science research community and is cited in thousands of articles for the analysis, integration, and interpretation of data derived from ‘omics experiments, such as RNA-seq, small RNA-seq, microarrays including miRNA and SNP, metabolomics, proteomics, and small scale experiments.

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Insightful data analysis and interpretation

Data analysis and interpretation with IPA builds on the comprehensive, manually curated content of the Ingenuity Knowledge Base to help scientists understand the biological context of their expression analysis experiments. Powerful algorithms combined with content provide unique advanced analysis capabilities to help you identify the most significant pathways and discover potential novel regulatory networks and causal relationships associated with your experimental data.

Applications and experimental approaches

Going beyond pathway analysis

Causal Network Analysis, a component of IPA Advanced Analytics, exposes causal relationships associated with your experimental data by expanding upstream analysis to include regulators that are not directly connected to targets in your dataset. In addition, BioProfiler helps you identify potential therapeutic or toxicity targets, as well as associated known drugs and biomarkers.

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Dive deeper: translate your molecular data into useful knowledge

Analysis Match – a new feature of IPA

Automatically match your analyses against approximately 57,000 curated publicly available datasets. Compare results, validate interpretation and better understand causal connections between diseases, genes, and networks of upstream regulators.

Strengthen hypotheses and discover new biological insights

By combining a massive compendium of knowledge from the literature together with a massive collection of gene expression measurements.

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Using IPA and the Upstream Regulator Analysis module, with just seven cases, we found two really strong predictors for differences between the platinum-sensitive and the platinum-resistant patients…

John Martignetti, Associate Professor, The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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System Requirements

Windows Operating Systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP SP2 or later*

Windows Internet Browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6 or later
  • Firefox 5 or later
  • Chrome 10 or later
  • Safari 5.05 or later

Mac Operating Systems:

  • macOS Mojave
  • macOS High Sierra
  • macOS Sierra

Mac Internet Browsers:

  • Firefox 5 or later
  • Safari 5.0.5 or later
  • Chrome 10 or later

Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE). Not needed if using the installed version of the IPA client **:

  • JRE 1.7.0_xx
  • JRE 1.8.0_xx

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • PC – 1.25GHz, 2GB RAM (for lightweight usage of IPA)***
  • PC – 2GHz, 4GB RAM (Recommended)
  • Mac – 1.25GHz, 2GB RAM (for lightweight usage of IPA)***
  • Mac – 2GHz, 4 GB RAM (Recommended)
  • Minimum Screen Resolution of 1024×768

Requirements for Advanced Analytics (Causal Network Analysis and BioProfiler):

  • CoreTM i5 processor or equivalent running at 2 GHz or higher with 64 bit OS and Java
  • Minimum least 3 GB RAM free for Java
  • Minimum Screen resolution of 1280×800

We recommend that you install the IPA client using the installer located here: https://analysis.ingenuity.com/pa/installer/select

With the installer, you no longer need to install Java separately or login to IPA with a web browser. There is no offline mode for IPA, you need an internet connection to use it.

* Note: Due to Microsoft discontinuing support for the Windows XP operating system in April of 2014, the Ingenuity Apps Team at QIAGEN transitioned to legacy support for Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) on XP starting with the Spring release in March 2014. IPA will continue to function on the XP operating system and we anticipate no issues. However, we recommend that you upgrade to a newer operating system as soon as possible. With this reduced support for XP the IPA team will continue to investigate any reported defects and attempt to offer work-arounds for any identified issues if they arise due to XP.

**JRE is the acronym for the Java Runtime Environment and is the program required to run Java applications and applets on your computer. Java is not needed if using the installed version of the IPA client.

*** Lightweight usage of IPA includes search, build/overlay operations and small dataset upload and analysis creation. For larger analyses and comparison analyses, IPA requires more memory (RAM).