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Analysis Match

Analysis Match enhances interpretation and drives discovery by placing your dataset in the context of over 49,000 IPA analyses that have been processed from public sources using Array Suite.

Powered by IPA Advanced Analytics, Analysis Match automatically identifies curated IPA datasets with significant similarities and differences, enabling you to compare results, validate interpretation and better understand causal connections between diseases, genes, and networks of upstream regulators.

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Strengthen hypotheses and discover new biological insights

By combining a massive compendium of knowledge from the literature together with a massive collection of gene expression measurements. Watch the 5 minute video below.


Quickly identify analyses with similar or differences from your data

Figure: Analysis Match tab

Analysis Match uses “analysis-to-analysis” matching based on shared patterns of Canonical Pathways, Upstream Regulators, Causal Networks, Diseases and Functions. Using comparative datasets from OmicSoft’s DiseaseLand and OncoLand, Analysis Match provides you with clearly organized results, easy to use filters and heatmap visualization of similarities and differences.

Heatmap visualization – easily identify similarities and differences

Figure: Matching signature heatmap

On Demand Webinar

Learn about the new Analysis Match features and discover a new way to explore biological results

Check out our latest webinar to learn how to use the new Analysis Match feature to discover other IPA Core Analyses with similar (or opposite) biological results. Automatically match your analysis to your previous data and over 49,000 pre-computed datasets from OmicSoft. Broaden the scope of your discovery.