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For 16 years we’ve turned biologists into bioinformatics experts – with the QIAGEN Genomics Cloud Engine we are taking the risk out of moving bioinformatics to the cloud.

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Fast VPC set up

Reaping the benefits of cloud computing takes more than just moving servers and data online. Ensuring a secure solution and a smooth transition to a user controlled cloud environment is far from trivial, in particular if results are expected to be identical to an on-premise solution.

Built for NGS Analysis

CLC Genomics Cloud Engine is designed to make enterprise NGS analysis in the Cloud possible for your business. It brings the full range of CLC tools and enables users to analyze NGS data where they are located at the speed they are being generated and at a competitive total cost of ownership.



Strong, reliable, secure

CLC Genomics Cloud Engine provides a highly stable service and ensures that your data is encrypted in transit as well as at rest. All access to the system requires authentication, and is implemented with single-sign-on to make the security measures strong but unintrusive. For more on how CLC Genomics Cloud Engine keeps your data safe check out the white paper.