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CLC Bioinformatics Database 2.0

Release date: 2008-07-07

New features

  • Creation of customizable metadata – an extra layer of information on top of other data. Examples could be freezer position, amount of sample left, LIMS identifier, project Number ID, etc., etc.
  • Definition of metadata fields of different types like hyperlinks, lists, text, number etc.
  • Advanced searching in metadata.
  • Enhanced API that fully supports custom metadata (create/remove definitions etc)
  • Thin client access to the database from an Internet browser. This enables Internet based
    • searching in data and metadata
    • viewing of data and data logs
    • upload/download of data in any supported format
    • editing of metadata

CLC Bioinformatics Database 1.1

Release date: 2008-02-06

New features

The solution now includes an Application Programming Interface (API). It enables the following features that can all be implemented outside a CLC Workbench:
  • Import/export of data to/from the database by creating your own client scripts or applications. CLC bio provides a library of example command line tools
  • Access and modification of any data structure and data content in the database
  • Powerful and easy data searching
  • Migration of data from existing databases to CLC Bioinformatics Database
  • Integration of third party technologies/tools with the database

Other Improvements:

  • More advanced and more flexible user access rights management
  • The user authentication now supports LDAP server directories
  • Support of more data formats

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