The most comprehensive ontology

The QIAGEN Knowledge Base is built on our own compre­hensive ontology, which is manually curated. Using an ontol­ogy within the Knowledge Base helps to uniformly model relationships between different entities, such as the relation­ship between a variant, the gene that it resides in, and the observed phenotype.

Our Knowledge Base includes more than 13 million biological findings, with thousands of findings added with each new release. More than 2.8 million ontology classes contained within the QIAGEN Knowledge Base provide further context by establishing relationships between variants, genes, tissue types, and pathways These findings describe:

  • Variants that relate to disease
  • Pharmacogenomic variants
  • Variants present in healthy popula­tions
  • Gene – phenotype relationships
  • Gene – drug relationships
  • Gene – pathway relationships
  • Gene – gene interactions
  • Gene – transcript information
  • Clinical trial information
  • A dedicated team keeps the ontology up to date as new concepts are identified and described.


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