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Clinical solutions overview

We are a global leader in the development and delivery of enterprise software for the imple­mentation of genomics in clinical applications. The breadth of our bioinformatics products, services, and support capabilities can help any healthcare institution establish a per­sonalized medicine capability.

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Knowledge Base

Our continually curated Knowledge Base has a long and trusted reputation as the most advanced database of biological and clinical findings in the life science industry. It has been used by researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies for more than 16 years and has been cited in more than 20,000 scientific publications.

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Production testing
for oncology

Production testing is the implementation of validated tests, variant calling pipelines, and clinical interpretation work­flows under a certified production environment to build reports for requesting physicians.
QCI™ Interpret addresses this by facilitat­ing evidence-based clinical decision making through best-in-class interpretation of variant data.

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Advanced testing for hereditary diseases

Advanced testing of patient cases unresolved with routine panels often requires analyzing whole exomes or genomes to determine causative variants. Our Hereditary Disease Solution is a flexible enter­prise platform that enables clinical labs to solve more patient cases with superior accuracy and without bioinformatics expertise.

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Our capabilities and investments in developing clinical bioinformatics solutions will become increasingly relevant as the research and clinical community scales from panels to exomes and ultimately to whole genomes for personalized medicine. This trend will continue to demand the use of our highly sophisticated computational solutions with the perpetually curated QIAGEN Knowledge Base to predict phenotypic impacts of genomic variation.

Dr. Michael Hadjisavas, VP of Clinical Genomics Program, QIAGEN Bioinformatics.

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